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I'm also a transphobe. Because like any normal person, I would love to turn into a car.

I'm theoretically trans-transphobic, and is currently Kickstarting a project backed by CERN to use the Hadron Collider to figure that out.



'Bill Cipher and Tyrone'

Here it is. I worked on this on and off for a couple of nights. The original filename was ‘Charlie Adler is Bill Cipher’. I’ve been watching a buttload of Cow and Chicken in the office just for the lols and I’m still impressed at how Charlie Adler voiced the titular characters and the villain for the show, much like Alex Hirsch voiced Bill, Stan, and Soos in Gravity Falls. And then I thought…what if Charlie Adler voiced Bill and…not Alex Hirsch? See for yourself. I already lost count at how many times I cracked up while making this.


***I DO NOT own any part of the audio used in this. I only did this for fun.


lol can’t get enough of this XD

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Ooooo.  Mac-chan ga kawaii na.  Chou-kawaii.

Aran-senpai ga baka baka baka baka baka!



Stages from King of Fighters ‘96

Always loved the overpass stage, and I’m also glad to see the classic desert truck-stop made it’s return; an SNK staple, yes?

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Heavy…. heavy,


… There’s a very important conversation to be had there.

It’s comforting really to anybody. Being told you are of no value past a certain age. May as well tell them to shut up and die.

I’m just going to leave this here.

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How Naruto should end


Its the last Panel and it pans away from all of the characters standing together. Then the Manga closes and you see Josuke was reading naruto the whole time and it was just a manga in the jjba world. Josuke looks up at Rohan and says “Dude this fucking sucks, you suck at making manga” 


Hey Cagliostro fans! Thanks for voting on the disc label! We think we know which one we’re going for and we appreciate all your feedback.

Now we’re working on finalizing the coversheet and the slipcover for the DVD Release of Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro and we want your help!

Yes, we’re going to have a slipcover! And the plans also call for the coversheet to be reversible, so we’ll be picking the 2 options we like the most! And you get two votes! One for the DVD cover, and one for the slipcover!

For the DVD Coversheet, vote here:
For the Slipcover, vote here:

Please feel free to tweet at me (@Ashuraou) if you want to let us know if you like a certain front or a certain back more, or just just have any feedback in general. Thank you!

Note: Final choices are up to our discretion, and pending licensor approval. All comps are rough drafts. We reserve any right to change the details at any moment. 

Version 5 for DVD Cover and Version 4 for Slip cover thank you please.